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Delicious honeys with only natural flavours available now! All made here with pure Love. Flavours we have at the moment (more coming soon!) are licorice, eucalyptus, orange and bergamot (earl grey).

Tasty Tea - Pleased Mind

Thank You for the enthusiasm that You have shown for our new selection of herbs and infusions! Especially Ground Eldern and Raspberry leaf have been very popular and are for sure the number 1 hit herbs.

These following herbs will be available at Tea Shop Veiström within about a week:

  • Damiana 100%
  • Peppermint 100%
  • Anise hyssop 100%
  • Lavender 100%
  • tea-crushed ginger 100% (now we have it already as a powder)
  • Thyme 100%
  • Spearmint 100%
  • Valerian, root 100%
  • Liquorice root, root 100%
  • Lemon verbena 100%
  • Lime blossom 100%

And MUCH MORE is coming, as soon as we come up with an idea where to put it all! Tea Shop Veiström's selection of infusions includes altogether about 60 different herbs and seeds You can use as herbal tea.

WELCOME! Tasty Tea - Pleased Mind

My grandfather always said, “Whatever it is, drink your tea and let it all go, let the steam take your problems away.” As a young girl I thought he was just tricking me into eating and drinking (because like all kids I hated food and had a sweet tooth.) But now, as an adult, I remember his words and his advice has worked every time. The answer? Good quality Tea!

How well do you know your tea? My knowledge on this was and is still being tested only because I now am forced to use tea bags. Most of you might be wondering why this is a big deal, here is why. I am Kenyan and I lived there for 19 years before moving to Finland. For those who are not familiar with the Kenyan food and drink culture just know that in Kenya, tea is everything.


Tea Shop Veiström's Tea Shop in Tampere closes in Kissanmaa district on Friday 30.10.2015 and new shop opens in the Tampere City Centre in Kuninkaankatu 24 on Monday 2.11.2015.

Tea Shop Veiström is open at Kuninkaankatu on weekdays between 10 - 19 and Saturdays 10 - 16. Before Christmas shop serves also on Sundays.





We really Love tasty tea! Tea Shop Veiström proudly presents two videos that are all about the tea and why we love it. The first video is with background music and the second one with Tea Shop Veiström's Merchant Ilkka Veiström telling about what tea means to him.

Tasty Tea - Pleased Mind video with background music

Tasty Tea - Pleased Mind video with Merchant Ilkka Veiström telling about tea



Tea Shop in Tampere has new opening hours. Tea Shop is open from Monday to Friday between 10am and 7pm.


Tea Shop Veiström's online shop and sales points are open as before. You can see all our shops and sales points here.


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